About ISEP

Our vision

  • Connect international and domestic students
    through learning opportunities that:
  • facilitate student transition
  • Address global issues
  • and celebrate the strength in diversity

    ISEP’s Mission

    Global scholars
    Support academics among international students by increasing knowledge and use of academic resources, strengthening language skills, and demonstrating a commitment to academic integrtity

    International Peer Group
    Facilitate first year international students’ transition through strong peer Mentor and Mentee relationships’ that develop participants’ academic, professional and social-emotional skillsets.
    Intercultural Citizenship
    Enhance intercultural citizenship and community engagement among all UCI undergraduates, empowering them to act in ways that support the campus and all other communities.

    Global Scholars (Academic Excellence): Global Scholars facilitates the development of active learning skills and strategies to ensure that our participants achieve academic success at UCI and beyond.  We conduct quarterly academic reviews and outreach to those holding a GPA of 2.0 or lower.  We also monitor participants’ academic performance throughout the year and hold open office hours for all students to drop in and discuss any questions or concerns.  Additionally, we provide participants with information about undergraduate research opportunities, scholarships available to international students, and graduate school information.

    • Active learning and skill building workshops
    • Quarterly academic monitoring
    • Undergraduate research opportunities
    • Scholarship info sessions and application assistance
    • Graduate school info sessions


    Intercultural Citizenship (Intercultural Engagement): Our Cultural Exchange program strengthens relationships among all students by creating safe spaces to develop and share their insights regarding social issues of global concern.   We intentionally organize experiential learning opportunities that allow students to learn about root causes of social issues while exploring their own positionality re: cultural norms and expectations.  Several cultural and community engagement opportunities are offered each quarter addressing such issues as mental health, gender stereotypes, food insecurity, and political activism.  Cultural Exchange creates a space for reflection and the intellectual exchange of ideas while encouraging students to work in common cause with one another.

    •  Quarterly events exploring social issues like gender stereotypes, food insecurity, mental health, and political activism
    • On and off-campus activities – transportation provided!
    • Dialogue sessions about global issues


    International Peer Group (Mentoring): Our trained IPG mentors and coordinators provide support and guidance to all first-year international students.   Mentees meet with their mentors every other week throughout their first year at UCI while mentors create several Mentor Family Activities each quarter in order to get to know mentees and introduce them to campus and community resources.  We also include UCI alumni in our program through their participation in monthly coffee hours.  Together, we create a strong academic, social and professional network for all program participants.  Our innovative approach to mentoring creates student leaders among both IPG student staff and their mentees.

    • Themed mentor families
    • Build relationships with students from different backgrounds
    • Participate in Mentor Family Activities every quarter
    • Opportunities to explore Irvine and Southern California