FAQs from Global Anteater Drop-in Hours

Our student leaders enjoyed chatting with incoming international first-year students during our recent Global Anteater Drop-in Hours.  Below you will find some frequently asked questions that incoming students raised during the Zoom chats.

If you have questions about UCI, IPG Scholars Program, or International Student Excellence Programs (ISEP), you are welcome to contact Dr. Sei Lee, Counselor/Coordinator for ISEP at seiyl@uci.edu.


Q: How will IPG Scholars Program operate remotely for fall? What are the important meeting times to start involvement with IPG?

A: If you are interested in joining IPG, please fill out this form- https://scout.eee.uci.edu/s/y2uhumqbw-2020. We will then pair you with an IPG Mentor.  Notification emails of who your mentor is will be sent out no later than Friday, September 25.  IPG begins during Welcome Week (the week of September 28).

Q: How can I get textbooks if I am in China taking remote classes? Buy them online and get them delivered in China or buy the electronic versions? 

A: It will vary from class to class. Professors will give you all the details about getting access to the course textbook. They usually keep in mind the textbook accessibility from other countries as well. But if there is any issue, you can reach out to the course instructor.

Q: Can I contact professors before the quarter begins to ask about textbooks, syllabus, etc.?

A: Professors usually give all details regarding textbooks, syllabus and other required/optional resources close to the beginning of the quarter or during the first lecture. I would suggest waiting until that time. But if there is some pressing issue regarding the course, professors are very approachable and can be reached out to via email or canvas.

QAre you involved in any clubs on campus? How and when will the fairs for clubs or organizations take place this quarter? 

A: For the fall, all events will take place virtually. Please see this website to find groups and events that may be of interest to you.  https://campusgroups.uci.edu/groups

Q: I have appeared for the writing placement test but haven’t received my results. When will placement test results come out to enable me to enrol for the appropriate writing class?

A: Placement for writing courses has been made. You will be receiving information via your UCI email about accessing your placement very shortly.