IPG Scholar Agreement

Benefits of participating in IPG Scholars Program

Being matched with an IPG Mentor who will:

In addition, IPG Scholars


Dean’s Certificate of Recognition

The Dean’s Certificate of Recognition is an honor given to active IPG Scholars by Dr. Michael Dennin, Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education.  To be eligible for the certificate, IPG Scholars must fulfill certain criteria during Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters.  Certificates are awarded at the end of Spring Quarter.


Quarterly Criteria

During Fall (which will be conducted via an online learning environment) and Winter and Spring Quarters, IPG Scholars will:


Academic Expectations

I understand that the Program Director of ISEP will review my academic performance and progress on a regular basis in order to provide me support.  I understand that I may be contacted based on the grades reported.

I will meet with the Program Director of ISEP if my grade point average (GPA) falls below 2.0 and follow a plan of action created to raise my grades or GPA.



Updated 9/9/21