What is LARC sponsorship?

International Student Excellence Programs (ISEP) offers a limited number of sponsorships each quarter for students to participate in tutorial courses (supplemental instruction) hosted by the Learning & Academic Resource Center (LARC) at UCI.  To qualify for ISEP’s LARC sponsorship, you must be: 

  • an international first-year student who is part of the IPG Scholars Program 


  • an international upper-class student who is part of our Global Leaders Program

How to apply for LARC sponsorship

*Each quarter, students must first apply and then be approved to receive ISEP’s LARC sponsorship*.

Step 1. Complete your LARC sponsorship application here (COMING SOON)

Step 2. Await approval for ISEP staff to review your sponsorship application

Step 3. Once you receive an email from ISEP staff about your sponsorship status, enroll in the course you’d like supplemental instruction in here

Please read the following LARC policies carefully so you won’t get charged fees- Sponsorship recipients must attend at least 10 LARC sessions during the quarter to have ISEP pay for the LARC fees. If a student decides to drop by Saturday of Week 1, the drop fee is $25. If students wait to drop LARC courses after the Saturday of Week 1, they will be responsible for the full $ 125-course fee. Students are responsible for paying all LARC drop fees.